How to score with direct mail.


Sending a nice flyer or box is a good start but there is more to it than that. Direct mail only works with a good strategy. The three keys to success: content, form and sending.   About the content: nobody is interested ...

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The online business card: make sure you are seen on the web!


Does your company have its own website? Do you postpone building a website? Haven’t you got the right budget? An online business card is the perfect solution. It is a one-page website. You use that one page to introduce your company: what kind ...

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How to treat text in graphic design


Readability is a priority when it comes to any design project. If the text in your design can't be read then who are you designing for? Good designs deliver content that is easy to read and understand.

Letters and ...

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Mobile vs Responsive


This depends on your type of business and your target audience. A mobile website can be useful for certain purposes but overall a responsive website is the more interesting option.


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Environment friendly printing, does it exist?


Environment friendly printing, does it exist? Communication has shifted increasingly from paper-based media to electronic media such as computers, smartphones and tablets. But print still has an added value; great graphic designs look better in print. Paper is also more ...

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The print broker: link between customer and printing company

We use brokers to take out insurance, to arrange a mortgage when buying a house etc. They know the industry. We rely on their expertise and know-how to find a solution that is tailored to their customers' needs. A print broker ...

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