Trends in packaging design

Packaging design case study - Bioradix

A packaging design must be right on all levels. Good packaging meets all kinds of requirements. It offers benefits to the consumer, the producer ánd the product.
Is the packaging handy and attractive? How much does it cost to produce ...

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And the winner is… Kasper!


Our package design for Reload was pronounced as the winner in the category 'Volume Markets' of the Pro Carton ECMA Awards 2016. Kasper developed a customised packaging box with an ingenious interior that can be set up mechanically. Inside the box ...

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We are proud to announce that Kasper has been nominated in the category “Volume Markets”.


On Thursday, September 15th the winners of the Pro Carton ECMA Awards 2016 will be announced at the annual ECMA conference in Antibes! These awards are the most prestigious European awards for carton packaging. We are proud to announce that Kasper ...

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Kasper designs ingenious Reload packaging


  Reload asked Kasper to create a package for its new perfume atomiser's ready-made fillings. We developed, in-house, a customised packaging box with an ingenious interior that can be set up mechanically. Inside the box there is a voucher that is personalised ...

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Intelligent printing or intelligent marketeers?

bongo bon met geluid

The printing sector is always evolving. Kasper follows all innovations with great attention. An eye-catching novelty is ‘printed electronics’: prints with electronic conductors. Think, for instance, about a business card with a little lamp.   To print an electronic product it’s important ...

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Why advertising is a necessity


"Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you're doing, but nobody else does." - Steuart H. Britt   Did you recently start your own business? Building up a company is hard ...

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How to score with direct mail.


Sending a nice flyer or box is a good start but there is more to it than that. Direct mail only works with a good strategy. The three keys to success: content, form and sending.   About the content: nobody is interested ...

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Environment friendly printing, does it exist?


Environment friendly printing, does it exist? Communication has shifted increasingly from paper-based media to electronic media such as computers, smartphones and tablets. But print still has an added value; great graphic designs look better in print. Paper is also more ...

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The print broker: link between customer and printing company

We use brokers to take out insurance, to arrange a mortgage when buying a house etc. They know the industry. We rely on their expertise and know-how to find a solution that is tailored to their customers' needs. A print broker ...

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