Content Marketing:
clients and search engines love content

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about offering content. Interesting, valuable and surprising content. With that content you’re able to attract new customers and retain existing ones.


Content is key

Content marketing is communicating with (potential) customers without appearing as if you want to sell them something. Instead of praising your products and/or services you provide useful information that instructs your customers. Do this in a consistent way and your brand will become stronger. You come across as trustworthy because you prove to have great expertise. Result: existing customers remain loyal and prospects are triggered to buy your product.


Search engines also love content

You need to empathise with the customer that belongs to your target audience. What are his needs? What questions does he have? Is he in a specific stage of the sales process? Meet the needs of the customer by providing answers to those questions.

A major advantage of content marketing? The customer doesn’t have the feeling that your message is imposed on him, he actively seeks content through Google himself. If you regularly put interesting new information online, your audience will automatically find you through the search engines. Google rewards unique, original content by ranking it highly. Also make sure that your website is up-to-date and that it runs smoothly, because after reading a content marketing article the customer will keep on lingering on your site for a while.


Affordable way of marketing

Creating interesting content is time consuming, but you get a lot in return: you distinguish yourself from the competition in a unique way. Especially online it’s a simple and affordable way to reach (potential) customers. Think of blogs, white papers, videos, etc… The more valuable content you publish, the more potential customers you can reach. Even more, content marketing and social media go together like ice cream with whipped cream. If the audience likes a good content marketing article, they will surely click the ‘share’ button.


Examples of great content marketing

# Nutella fans have been posting all kinds of Nutella recipes on the social media for years. At the end of 2013 the brand responded by launching the site Alles met Nutella. Here you find a mix of recipes offered by Nutella itself and recipes from fans. The site encourages fans to post special stories about Nutella, like how they use the empty pots. An ideal way for Nutella to discover what is important for the customers. The site has been a huge success and fans consider it as a platform to express their love for Nutella.

→ Enter ‘nutella tiramisu’ in Google and the recipe is displayed on the first spot of the search results. *

# By the grape is an online wine store. The website is packed with information about wine, wine regions and grapes. By the grape uses no complex wine terms and hasn’t got the pedantic tone that you often hear in wine shops. The site is quite extensive but well organised, and it has a blog with interesting content.

→ Enter the term ‘tempranillo’ (grape) in Google and you find By the grape on the fifth spot in the search results. *

# The website of the Dutch law firm Kennedy van der Laan. If you need a lawyer or want to know something specific about a certain legal matter, there’s a big chance you find the information you need right here. The lawyers in this office actively share their knowledge in the form of e-books, videos or online articles. This way the customer immediately gets acquainted with the expertise of the office and is more likely to hire these people.

→ Type ‘advocaat cookiewetgeving’ in Google and you find a video of the privacy advocate of Kennedy Van der Laan on the first spot in the search results. *

# The Kasper website. We update our blog regularly with interesting, self-written blog articles. This way customers google their way to our site faster.

→ Enter the term ‘drukwerkmakelaar’ and you will see a blog post by Kasper appear second in the search results (the rest of the results for the first page are all Dutch sites). Also with the term ‘milieuvriendelijk drukwerk’ one of our blog posts appears in second place. *

*at the time of publication of this article and with the Safari browser

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