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Reload asked Kasper to create a package for its new perfume atomiser’s ready-made fillings. We developed, in-house, a customised packaging box with an ingenious interior that can be set up mechanically. Inside the box there is a voucher that is personalised in advance.

Reload recently launched a travel size perfume atomiser. This atomiser can be distinguished from other manually filled atomisers by its ready-made fillings – exclusively developed for Reload – from major brands such as Hugo Boss, Givenchy, Kenzo, Juicy Couture and Issey Miyake. These €5 fillings can only be used in the Reload atomiser and they’re packaged in a nicely finished brand box.

For the design of this box’ interior Reload appealed to Kasper’s expertise. The bottle with the perfume needed to stand right in the middle of the box, so the box would not fall over, and a voucher that is personalised in advance needed to be inside the box. The voucher number had to be traceable from the outside of the box via a QR code. The boxes needed to be designed in such a way that they could be set up mechanically.

Kasper took on this major challenge. After a trial and error period, Kasper ultimately developed the perfect interior with an in-advance personalised voucher.
Currently 2 million boxes are produced. You can buy Reload in 15 countries, in Belgium it’s available at ICI PARIS XL.

Curious about the box? Click here. Want to know more about Reload? Click here and here.

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