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Blogs are actually part of the so-called social media. The social media are an extensive collection of internet services: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, but also weblogs and other channels like YouTube, Flickr and internet forums.   In this article we refer to Facebook and the microblogging site Twitter with the term ‘social media’. Weblogs like WordPress and Blogger are called ‘blogs’.   Similarities Social media as well as blogs are time-consuming. People often underestimate the amount of time it takes to create interesting content. Regular updates are necessary to construct a durable relationship with your followers. By selecting your content purposefully you can show that you are ‘busy’ working on things.   Differences blog-of-social-media-01-EN Golden rule: update regularly Blogs and social media both have their strengths and weaknesses. What to use best depends on how you want to present your company online. You can also combine both and e.g. share your blog posts on the social media.   Most important is to make sure there’s enough time to work on your blog and/or social media on a regular basis. For both media there’s one major rule: update regularly! It’s the best way to build up a durable online relationship with existing and potential customers.   You have doubts about what’s the best option for you? Or do you have additional questions? Kasper helps you with the initiation of a blog or social media integration on your website.   Please contact us for more information.

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