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Bongo hardly needs any introduction: the original gift vouchers for unique experiences close to home or a little further away. We have been coordinating the printing of these well-known boxes and booklets for years.

Smart & Co Belgium wanted to augment their Bongo shops’ visibility with a street action. People were led to the shop with a contest.

We produced a lifesized, mobile cube that could be deployed several times and at various locations. This cube had an integrated grab box in which passersby could scramble a box. Regardless of the message in the box the people were led to the shop to receive their gift or to scramble for a second time. The shop was also decorated in the theme "It's your lucky day". Next to the two cubes and the small boxes we also provided window, floor and wall stickers in the shape of a clover, posters, flyers, .. and we even laid an artificial turf before the shop.

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